In this world currently, we are always focusing on the materialistic things that we don’t have. The unrealistic body standards, to our obsessions about what is the latest happening in social media. With so much negativity, it is getting very difficult to practice gratitude daily, despite being a Muslim, we should be grateful as it is the core of our faith. We are blessed a lot by Allah, and sometimes, we have to adopt some mindfulness tactics to remind ourselves of the good that we have! It is also scientifically proved that the art of practicing gratitude and gratefulness benefits our health and our relationships.

As life is gets more complicated, following are their five methods you can use this as often as much you can and can make gratefulness in my daily life:

1. Prayer

Whenever I feel down or sad, it means that my spiritual relationship with Allah is not the strongest. I try to take care of the wudu I do and spend more time in prayer to reflect on my thoughts and actions, and I can put my life in perspective. I always try to remind myself that this life is a short test and that I am blessed with a lot. If you see from my perspective, it would be stupid of me not to be grateful for all the things that I have.

2. Journalling

It is one thing that I love to do. I have written a lot of journals in the past few years! It’s one of the ways to blurt out everything in your mind and really will try to sort through my emotions. Once you have written your journal you can read back through what you have written from days, months, or even years and it will help you to practice gratitude as you would have a chance to recall the stresses and difficulties you had when you were younger, which may seem like nothing! Journaling is amazing to develop the mindfulness needed to follow that adage. It won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes stressing over it!

3. The Post-It Method

It is something I used to do previously, but I have put a hold on it for a while now. Still, it’s something I will resume. Every morning, I will write the three things that I am grateful for, I will make it a habit and will post it where I could see it all day. Though it’s not a habit that would help to conserve paper, for now, I have found that it’s one of the short-term gratitude fixes.

4. Family and Friends

Spending time with family and friends on days where you would think that there’s not much hope left in the world can brighten your mood, but it will let you talk through what you are feeling and see a glimmer of hope in that darkness. I’d highly recommend it!

5. Charity

Doing good for someone else is very satisfactory, so volunteer your time or donate small sums, it is not only essential as Muslims but as humans. To offer help to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, to give them some of what Allah (SWT) has blessed us with if you do think about it. It is one of the best ways to show your gratitude.

6. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude as a concept is very interesting. It is a quality that is accepted by everyone and you should do too, but we rarely talk about how to do it. It’s sort of like saying you should live in the moment. It’s very easy advice if you want to give, but you won’t hear it from people who want to explain how they live in the moment. Gratitude is amazing, but how does it look like in everyday life? When there is someone who lives with the attitude of gratitude, so whatever they do separates them from other people.

I still have to learn a lot, but I can certainly say that the daily habit of gratitude will make a difference for my long-term happiness. It is one of the ways that have been able to live out gratitude daily.

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