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Want to Change Your Life do read Holy Quran

Islam is a wonderful religion, Islam is perfect and makes people perfect, but Muslims are not at all perfect, so if you are looking for Islam, look for it in the Quran. The heavenly guidance book revealed to the last prophet of Allah beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him). Being a Muslim, we have come across a lot of beautiful things but only when we start to understand Quran by its real meaning, we will understand the true sense of most beautiful religion “Islam”


Many times we come across some hardships in our life, due to which become so depressed and upset, that we don’t know what to do and don’t know the answer and this is the moment you should search for the answer in our ALLAH’s subhanutala gift “Quran E Majeed”. You will find it amazing and would be able to harvest the real flow of the universe, it will be just like that SOMEONE so great out there in skies is helping us and teaching us so many new things on the daily basis. He gives us a hard time because He knows we can bear it and He knows we will come of our it as the shining star for a better tomorrow.

So, if anyone out there is looking for a solution about what is happening in their lives just go buy a translation of the Quran of any language that you can understand. You can buy it from this link as well as click here. You can be of any religion, if you want to understand Islam, read its scriptures through the Quran, we are sure you will find solutions to all your problems through Allah’s book.

I guarantee you this “Quran E Majeed” is a divine guidance, a guidance which will bring from the darkness into the light, so to all the troublesome people out there in the world if you want peace in your life and want peaceful soul, just go read Quran then you will understand what I am trying to tell you.


A Strategic Quran Plan

There are over 100s of different ways you can explore this book Holy Quran. You can just read an English translation, recite the Arabic script without understanding it, learn the Arabic language, or read an Urdu scrip, learn the rules of accurate recitation, listen to it, go through a tafsir (exegesis) and so on. When you start getting into it. You need a strategic plan that logically lays out what to start with, how long to study that area for, and what to move onto next.

The Quran quotes, “Allah will not change the state of a people, until they change, within themselves.” It’s a methodology of personal change that must lead us and many others to the much richer, deeper and more rewarding experience of reading of the Quran. It’s explained in the context of Islamic spirituality in my book, “Inside the Soul of Islam”. Hence from the Shining  Islam team we would request you start with 1 page a day and if you see the benefits you, which we are sure you will, you can increase to two, three or ten pages per day, imagine how much time is that not even 10 mins the cause of something which will change your life.

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