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Being a Muslim, we must have a knowledge about Islam. The objective is not just to gain information, but we will act upon the golden principles of Islam and pass on to every individual on this earth. In this web site, all the Articles are deeply involved with Islam. Through our articles, worksheets, book, and training, we tend to assist you remodel yourself from stressed and day to day busy life.

Our website assists you with all the queries pertaining to Islam are addressed under the scope of Holy Quran and Hadith, providing the solutions that are satisfactory in every logical sense. Our main aim is to eradicate the misconception of the people around the World pertaining the Islam and introduce them to the true essence of the Islam.



3 Beautiful Lessons From Surah Maryam

In the Quran, the 19th chapter or surah will provide you with a lot of strength and hope to people who are going through a difficult time in their life, trials of faith, and any…

7 Ways to Achieve Greatness through Gratefulness

Gratitude or Shukr (thankfulness) in Islam is a powerful instrument that can push you towards contentment and abundance.  The road to greatness begins with gratefulness. It is expressing thanks to God and the people in…

8 Daily Spiritual Productive Habits to Develop

When your day is full of hundreds of activities and personal commitments, it’s easy to forget about a daily routine. Spirituality falls in the least value groups with these social obligations as the focus. Talking…

Islam And Muslims

The Arabic phrase ‘Islam’ implies ‘submission’ and is taken from a word meaning ‘peace’.  As such, the religion of Islam educates that in order to accomplish true peace of mind and surety of heart, one…

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